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Playing with James Allen’s Strategy calculator for the 2012 F1 Bahrain GP

A 2 pit stop strategy and finishing the F1 race with new option tyres could be a winner.

According to James Allen, the standard winning strategy will be: a two stop strategy with stops on laps 18 and 37 for new medium tyres.

If a driver could have a set of brand new tyres for the last part of the race,he could also win it.



If a driver has no set of new option tyres he could still win the race with a 3 stop strategy



I am sure a lot of people wish this strategy “business” was so easy, let´s wait and see on Sunday…

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  1. On the other hand at Barcelona how is that James’ calcs work right if I manage to get a 12secs advance, just seems to much, else my calcs are way wrong!! pls check:
    4way stop: Lap12/26/40/54, tyres choices, any one you want..


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